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Neptune, planet of illusion, is both their ruler and subruler, which emphasize creativity and imagination.

Pisces Decan I

Pisces 1st decan double style will take them through a lot of detours before arriving at their final destination. For Pisces-Pisces love is probably tempestuous, for they have deep passions. A blend of a spiritual and a sensual approach is at the heart of their personalities. Those best suited for Pisces-Pisces are communicative, lively and engaged in the personal pursuit of health or are advocates of it. The stability of Pisces-Pisces relationships will be enhanced if they take on firm responsibilities around the home.

Pisces-Pisces always remains loyal and devoted once they have given their heart. Pisces-Pisces has a youthful air that can be deceiving to the eye of their actual age. It is important for them to lead a healthy life, so as to increase not only the longevity but also the quality of their existence. A desire to do good for mankind is a characteristic of the First Decan Pisces.

The devotional and service-oriented side of Pisces-Pisces urges them to give up their own wants, making them humble to their need to give pleasure and benefit to others. Pisces-Pisces usually makes for incredible parenting roles.

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Cancer - natural ruler of the fourth house of home base, family, and security - likely causes you to be very close to family members, whether this closeness is a positive or negative influence varies. You may find it a bit difficult to break parental ties and become independent, but you must do so if you want to realize more of your potential. It is important to you to parent your own children, build your family unit, and to provide for and love those who are such an important part of your life. The receptive Moon combines with the spiritual influence of Neptune, and heightens Pisces-Cancer awareness to others.

As Pisces decans go the Pisces-Cancer is emotionally the most balanced of all. Pisces-Cancer combo is the best sense of humor to ever hit any decan. Money is a means to something worthy, to support something or someone you love. Remember that, and return to the real reasons. Shortly after the New Moon, Mars enters Capricorn, beginning a pair of months which will highlight some of the scarier monsters lurking in your shadow. Be prepared to confront old patterns without slipping back into them. The New Moon in Pisces offers you an opportunity to relocate the good crazy inside you, the divine madness which is the secret ingredient in your special sauce.

Although you can filter out some of it, that fish tank is never going to be completely clean. It may be that people act up, or it may be that some friends go through some exceptionally hard times. Like that woman said in The Imaginarium of Dr. Another magickal mystery tour through the sky. As a Pisces ASC in the last decan, this posting hit the mark.

astrology pisces decans

Thanks again Austin. When we are in touch with the differing zodiacal energies in our chart, more than one horoscope becomes pertinent. Scorpio: my pleasure lies in going deep into serious, pertinent mysteries of life; old pleasures sports are cast aside or otherwise simplified into metaphors and narratives tangential to my nascent primary interest politics. It feels good, holistically, to become, to quote Alan Watts, more of what I am, even if the Ego futilely bucks.

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Virgo: The Virgin. Libra: The Scales.

Scorpio: The Scorpion. Sagittarius: The Centaur. Capricorn: The Goat. Aquarius: The Waterbearer. Pisces: The Fish.

The three modes of the elements:

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The moon represents the mother, so these Pisces may be more sensitive towards their relationship with their mother. They tend to let your emotions guide them, and they may be very intuited with others emotional needs. The third decan is ruled by the last elemental sign after your sun sign. For Pisces this is Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, so a third decan Pisces will be ruled by both Pluto and Neptune.

These Pisces may be a bit heavily guarded. They tend to be extremely sensitive, but are very good at hiding it. They may be a highly intense person and tend to feel things powerfully.

How Progressions and Decans are Related

Pluto has some elements of darkness, so they may be in tune with these energies in others. Which decan are you in? What do you know about that sign and planet that you could apply to your understanding of your Sun sign? I talk about the planets here if you are interested in what I have to say about them, but google is also a great tool as well. A first decan Pisces will progress to Aries between age 20 and They are ruled by Neptune and are known for expressing very stereotypical Pisces energy.

They tend to be very intuitive, dreamy, and sensitive.

The Decans Part 6 "Pisces and Aries"

They have little boundaries naturally in place and probably spend more time alone defining what boundaries they do have. They will also express a pure Pisces Sun until late in life, so they have little development actually incorporating Aries energy. Aries energy can be like a shield for Pisces, making them much more forceful and masculine, but if a Pisces spends at least twenty years before taping into this energy, they will be much more feminine in nature. A second decan Pisces will progress to Aries between age 10 and They are ruled by Neptune and the Moon.

They tend to be more emotionally sensitive and very private. These decans will still have a dissolution of boundaries, but they will also have an easier time defending them in a more direct way. They will express Pisces energy until teenage years, and then they will take on Aries energy. This means that while they tend to be very emotionally soft and sensitive as a child, they can grow into someone who can be a little bit more defensive.

Their Aries energy could have been battle armor for middle school or high school, which can be tough on a sensitive fish. A third decan Pisces will progress to Aries between age 0 and They are ruled by Pluto and may be more inclined to have larger walls up than a second decan Pisces. There can be a deeper need to control out of fear of being hurt.

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They will express direct Pisces energy for a very short about of time before taking on Aries energy. Aries is ruled by the God of War so these Pisces may be more inclined to fight rather than flee when hurt. Can you see the similarities in how the age each Pisces progresses into Aries can also be seen through decans? How the planets seem to progress into more Aries quality? You can apply the same understanding to the other signs. What decan are you? What is your planetary sub ruler? How old were you when you progressed into the next sign? How does that influence your expression of your Sun sign?

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